Wholesale Maternity Wear in the USA and Canada

Are you a maternity store or website in the US or Canada searching for a Never Out of Stock Wholesale Maternity Wear Collection to support your seasonal offerings? 

TAKE A LOOK AT THE FUNMUM COLLECTION  - Funmum have been in business for over 15 years, in that time they have found that the 95% of their sales have always come from 25% of their collection, their key essential pieces. So 3 years ago Funmum changed it’s business model to offer only these core styles to wholesale customers.  These core items, maternity jeans, maternity vests, nursing tops, smart work pants, they sell 12 months of the year, across all seasons.  They are classic timeless styles set in designs and colors.  Take a look at our LOOK BOOK! 

A) Their pregnancy tops can also be worn for breastfeeding so wholesale customers do very well in these styles. eg. crossover tops & crossover shirts. 

B) They provide their jeans and black pants in three lengths: regular 31”, Long 34” & Petite 71 28”

C) Their collection is available in sizes XS - 4XL (US size 4-20) which is a big selling point in the UK.

D) Funmum have created an Image bank online, these images (all on white backgrounds) are available for you to download as a wholesale customer as soon as you make an order so you can be selling on your website very quickly

E) Minimum order is only $150 and delivery to the US takes 3-5 working days and Funmum have negotiated very good shipping rates. 

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale maternity wear from Funmum in the USA and Canada but would like to see the clothes before placing your order then we can arrange to send you samples.  This would allow you to touch and feel the garments, check the quality of the garment and make sure you are happy with the styles before placing your first order.  The samples would be charged at wholesale prices and you would be charged delivery but they are not subject to the minimum order of $150. 

For more information, please call Jules Kearfott on 804.205.0909 Eastern Standard Time or email and I will be very happy to assist you!

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